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Making A difference in the Lives of People

Our History

MDF was established and registered with the Investment Promotion Authority as a NGO to carry out a wide range of activities, interventions and projects throughout the country.
MDF is made up of Professional Accountants, Engineers and Technical people who collaborate together and participate in Rural Development Activities.
MDF also carry out awareness using drama as a tool to disseminate information, carry out training for women, youth and community empowerment and carry out advocacy work to address any social issue that is impeding development in Papua New Guinea.




Years Helping the Community

What Drives Us

Our Objectives

1. To actively participate and provide professional and quality workmanship in implementing projects that would last long in the rural communities
2. To promote and contribute to the National Government’s Vision 2050 and the Medium Term Development Strategy
3. To help reduce poverty and improve living standards of our rural population
4. To provide some form of employment to youths and school dropouts
5. To carry out environment and community based projects in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our Core Team

Willie Doaemo

Founder and CEO

Mikey Mohan

Project Coordinator – Remote Sensing, Land Use Change & Conservation / UN Volunteer

Shaurya Bajaj

Project Coordinator / Researcher / UN Volunteer

Esmaeel ADrah

GIS Analyst

william irving

Communication Analyst

Anna kvashuk

Researcher / UN Volunteer

Silvia Pizzigoni

UN Volunteer

Gabriella Richardson

Researcher / UN Volunteer

Giegere Hedziga

Community Development Officer

Sheena Puayil

Project Development Officer

Annesha Kar Gupta

International Legal Advisor

Merilyne Purari YOMBA

Gender Based Violence
Project Coordinator

Simona Krasauskiene

Erasmus Consultant

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