Women Empowerment Project – Bread and Jam Making Workshop in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea


by Gabby



Photo credit: Tanya Zeriga

The Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is committed to creating valuable occupational and educational opportunities for women in Papua New Guinea. This year for her 23rd birthday, MDF researcher and blog writer Gabby Richardson has decided to raise funds with MDF to educate women in Kobo Village, Morobe Province Papua New Guinea on basic bread and jam making.

Kobo Village is a rural community which has a population of 500 people. The village is only accessible by boat and canoe. Gardening and fishing are the main source of food and the village has poor infrastructure and water supply. Women in this community often have poor livelihoods due to lack of skills and education.

This women empowerment project will provide 20 women in this community with the opportunity to learn how to make bread and jam. This project will provide women with extremely valuable occupational skills.

Our budget for the project is as follows:

1. Transportation PGK 2,400 ($864 CAD/  $680 USD)

2. Trainer PGK 600 ( $216 CAD /$170 USD)

3. Flour and other ingredients PGK 400 ( $144 CAD/$112 USD)

4. Stationeries PGK 100 ($36 CAD / $28 USD)

Total: 3,500 PGK / $1260 CAD / $990 USD

This project will support United Nations Sustainable Development goal #5 “Gender Equality”. This project has been previously organized and implemented with MDF in collaboration with the Canadian government.

In the first day of this fundraising campaign we reached our $500 USD ($650 CAD) goal to run this program for 20 women. On the third day of our fundraising campaign we raised $1,000 CAD to run this program for 32 women. Thanks to the incredible support from our donors we have decided to increase our goal to $1,260 CAD to educate 40 women on basic bread and jam making. That is double our initial fundraiser goal!

All funds raised will contribute to positive change in this community. Any contribution will make a difference. Please donate on Gabby’s “Go Fund Me” page (click here).

Our UN volunteers and team members have created a promotional video for Gabby’s birthday fundraising campaign. Thank you to Berta Lozano for producing a great promotional video for this initiative and Mikey Mohan, Esmaeel Adrah and Shaurya Bajaj for their contributions. Also, thank you to MDF Director Willie Doaemo for overseeing the plan for this program and fundraising campaign.

Thank you to the following UN Volunteers who have been promoting this great initiative:

Darwin Deivy Zambrano Castellano
Georgia Rodrigues Ferreira da Silva
Okechukwu Collins Ononikpo
Ibrahim Ishaq Hassan
Rana Emad AbdElaziz Fouda
Joshua Ngala
Claudia Ordecki
Allaa Khaled Abbass
Bakhsh ur Rehman
Bertha Alejandra Vargas Valero
Essam Abdel Rahman Abdo Ahmed Saleh
Linda Cordoba
Sultan Salahuddin
Gabriel Chikusela
Haihui(Sabrina) Yan
Monica Oguge

**Photos taken by Tanya Zeriga


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